How to Turn Off GPS

How to Turn Off GPS on your iPhone

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In this article am going to share the most important trick on my blog New Tips Tricks. The trick here I explaining is to turn off on your iPhone.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for GLOBAL Positioning System and as you know this navigation tool helps you to find any location part of the worlds and it is just ultimate. Using this you can find yourself in any part of the world using Google Maps. You can also find routs and roads using Google Maps with it.

How to Turn Off GPS
I know, whenever I open Google Maps I will try to find exact location using GPS and then I will forget to turn off it and then my mobile charge will decrease easily. Whenever I use GPS on mu iPhone them my mobile battery will be on low point. Sometimes it will be turn on automatically due to some apps need to turn on GPS then it will be on and in order to save your battery life, you need to turn off GPS on your smartphone.

I found myself turning off of GPS and I created tutorial to help people those who wants to finding problem in turning off GPS in your iPhone. It is quite easy to turn off GPS on your iPhone. Even by turning off GPS, you can save your mobile by hackers and saving a lot of battery for your iPhone.

So, now the actual guide starts then let start step by step guide to explain the tricks.


How to Turn Off GPS on your iPhone:

So, now start with the guide to turn off GPS on your iPhone to save your battery life and your mobile too.

  • Now open your device I mean your iPhone.
  • After that, Go to the home screen in your iPhone and then go to settings I mean tap on Settings.
  • Then in the Settings menu, just tap on the Privacy option.
  • After that now you have to tap on Location Services option.
  • Then you will receive a list of apps under Location Services option. Now it’s quite easy to turn off the GPS. Now you just have to tap on the Location Services and you will find on/off button placed at top. Then it’s will be turned off entirely, if you want turn off the GPS for specific individual app then tap on the green on/off and the given app will be out from GPS I mean if you open that app then GPS will never on.
  • Now you are done and this is the easiest trick shared. I think there are no such tough things to do here.

Final Say:

This is very easy trick I shared here and more valuable thing. Then you are done with this trick and if you find any problems and confusion, then you can express through that comment using below form. If you have any suggestion regarding this article, you can notice you by comments and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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