How to turn Off/ On Auto App Updates in iOS

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Welcome. Now on wards we can go with the new tricks those are related to latest technologies like iOS, Iphone & iPad in this article we are going to write about How to Turn OFF or ON automatic app updates in iPhone and iPad. As all of you know iOS has some hidden tricks in it. As you know there are lot of features those available in iOS and here we are sharing some of them in new sites. The steps those were discussed further will be applicable for all versions of iOS.

Turn off or Turn On automatic App Updates in iOS on iPhone & iPad:


Automatic app updates in iOS are irritating you then go with this guide to turn off automatic app updates in iOS. If you don’t want to update outdated apps one by one then you also go with this guide to turn off automatic app updates in iOS.  So here we are sharing the ultimate feature that is to both turn on and off. Here we will go through the first step to turn off Auto App Updates in iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Turn urn Off Auto App Updates in iOS:

Ok let start the procedure step by step-

We will start with the first step- Open your device Go to the Setting App in your iPhone or iPdad.

Then scroll down and select iTunes and App Store I mean tap on those.

To disable automatic App Updates in iOS you just have tap on updates in the Automatic Download Area that is available in app store.

Here I came with the final step then all after the above step you will see green signal will off. Your device will now turn Off Auto App Updates.

After doing this all you can also update apps form other networks that means you can update apps if you are connected to Wi-Fi or any other network. Then turn on automatic updates and change the settings in Mobile Data means you have to turn off use mobile data instead.

Turn urn On Auto App Updates in iOS:

Already I mentioned steps that you follow to turn off auto app updates in iOS devices. Then go with the same procedure and tap on Updates in Automatic Download Area of App Store and it will turn off.

I think here I shared some useful stuff. If you need some more tricks related to iOS devices then we will update those on our site. Any suggestion or queries regarding this article are openly posted through comments using below form.

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